Bristle Medwakh Cleaner

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Bristle Metal Medwakh Pipe Cleaner Available now.

Use the Bristle Metal Medwakh Pipe Cleaner to look after your Medwakh Pipe the way it should be.

*** One Bristle Metal Medwakh Pipe Cleaner in this product ***

Our new Bristle Metal Medwakh Pipe Cleaner is a no nonsense, no thrills yet very functional bit of kit.  No more and no less. It’s something every medwakh pipe smoker needs in their pouch as you’ll be using it all the time!

This extremely useful tool will fit into you Medwakh Pouches to ensure you have a clean pipe where ever you go.  IMPORTANT:  A clean Medwakh Pipe will smoke better, giving you the best buzz!

Although tapping a medwakh pipe after smoking is common practice, its actually very damaging to a wooden pipe and can lead to cracks and breakages to the pipe making it not fit for use anymore.  Use this bristle metal medwakh pipe cleaner to ensure your medwakh pipe lasts longer.